Membership in Sigma Pi Fraternity is a life long experience. From the first moments of pledging to the Adytum on High, a member of Sigma Pi holds and maintains a unique idea of brotherhood. As a man who has been found to possess the correct attitude and academic potential to further the ideals of Sigma Pi, you have been invited to join into a brotherhood shared by more than 95,000 members, spanning over nine decades. As pledges, you hold the potential for leadership abilities that may be developed more fully because of your affiliation with Sigma Pi Fraternity.

When a man is accepted as a member of Sigma Pi, he learns that a great deal of time and effort have gone into supplying material for his instruction. This may be best explained by relating the facts of what makes a chapter strong. A properly instructed, well educated pledge makes a better chapter member, and a better chapter member makes a good alumnus. That Sigma Pi has gone to these measures demonstrates that the international organization is interested in the well-being of not only the individual chapters but also the members that comprise these chapters. Sigma Pi enables a man to not only build from his own experiences, but also allows him to learn from the experiences of others.

The hard work that accompanies a quality education is demonstrated repeatedly upon every application of those teachings. Sigma Pi relies on the belief that man's goal is to form a better world and enrich his surroundings with the application of wisdom and knowledge gained through education. Sigma Pi teaches the fundamentals for leadership ability, business, sociology, responsibility and general administrative skills. Members who are involved in the chapter and readily accept responsibilities are learning valuable lessons that will assist them in their decision making for years to come.

Being a member of Sigma Pi automatically gives you the distinction of being different. Our Fraternity desires those wishing to become outstanding members of Sigma Pi and leaders of their communities be exactly that. With the assistance of the Fraternity and the ambition that young men in Sigma Pi hold, we hope that every member of Sigma Pi gains the utmost from not only this Fraternity but also from his college experience.

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